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Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma I really can't make out what I think of this book. Perhaps I'll after writing what I thought about this book. Let's begin with a quote. Personal thoughts'"So nothing is taboo anymore - you're saying there are no two people who, if they love each other enough, should be forced apart?""I guess not. Not here, anyway, thank God. We're lucky enough to live in a country which is prtty open-minded. As long as one person isn't forcing the other, then I guess any love is allowed"'Any love. Francie isn't stupid. Yet the one kind of love that will never be allowed hasn't even crossed her mind. The one love so disgusting and taboo, it isn't even included in a conversation about illicit relationships.Like Francie, if someone ever comes up to me and ask me this question, I'd answer them anyone can love anyone as long as neither party is forced into that relationship. Incest just don't come to mind. Yes, that's what the book is about if you don't know already. See, many people already backed off, closed the goodreads tab, off to find another book - any other 'forbidden' relationship. Just not this. Like God, oh no.Personally I say bullshit when people label teacher/student, elder man/much younger girls, elder woman/younger guys as 'forbidden'. I mean one day, it won't be anymore. One day people would stop giving a damn. But this story, our main character, Lochan and Maya's relationship would never ever be right in the eyes of the society, and of law. And unlike forbidden relationship like vampire and werewolves, this could actually happen. About the book & charactersThe Whitely household has five children. Lochan, Maya, Kit, Tiffin and Willa. Lochan and Maya are forced to be the grown up of the family, the root of it - because their mother is never home or home but drunk, rarely sober. They have to play the students at school and the stand-in parents at home for the younger siblings. To stop things from being more screwed up than they already are. Basically, it's two of them against the world.I'm really pissed off with the parents, their father ran away to build another family because their mother is a bad mother. He left them with her knowing that fact. !#$@#$@#@#$. Both of them know their relationship will eventually go downhill, why bore a house full of children? Motherfuckers. People lines got blurred reading this book, and I admit, it did that for me too. It make me question, should there be any line at all if two people are in love with each other. Are there only lines because that's what people of the world say and so that's what we are brought up to think? My heart really aches for Lochan and Maya. Tabitha Suzuma convinced me that they really in love. Not just hormones or mad. They have fights like lover but they make up like siblings. In what might be a screwed up way to put it, I think they are really meant to be - that there will be no one else for them.Did it change my view on this particular kind of relationship? No, it didn't. Lochan and Maya are more like an exception to me. It's really unfair that they are born siblings. The world put them together, same blood running through their vines. But the situation they grown up in, they were never just siblings but way beyond that. Partners, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on and all that. I felt all kinds of emotion when reading this book. Especially the parts with their mother. I turned white with rage and almost throw my kindle against the wall. The writing just really had the anger and every other emotions that comes with it, pouring out. I also liked how Tabitha Suzuma wrote each of the children take their situation without parents at home differently. It's realistic. How some children will be like Lochan and Maya, some will be rebellious like Kit, and others just want time with their parents but still young enough to not know what's really happening. There were times I grow frustrated at Lochan thoughts. I know he feels guilty as hell, but the paranoid thoughts.. And I didn't particularly like Maya until towards the other half of the book. I really admire her strength - she knowing that to say to make people feel alright again. I was prepared to rate this book a three. But then I cried, and any book that make me cry worth a 4. The reason for three stars because part of me thinks if this book isn't about incest, I might have already put it aside. But because of the theme of this book, I just had to know how it end. I also think the author liked to use big words or it might be just me and my lack of vocabulary. I actually searched up and down for the ending on goodreads. But I didn't come across one, thank God. Just let the story unfold, you might cry if you didn't know it beforehand. Ah yes, I should end this review saying something everyone else included in their reviews. People, it's a heartbreaking ending. You've been warned.
Blindsided (Just a Couple Ex's) - S. Anders Received ARC via NetGalley.About the bookIt's a story about how two people are brought together because their other half happened to be cheating together behind their backs. They found out about the affair at the same time, together. And from that point, together, they tried to cope with the pain and betrayal caused by their spouse. My reviewThis book does have its own moments whereby the words aren't just words but words that can make me feel what the characters are feeling. They were good, but it's just a random bit of the book. It's like everything is dull, then suddenly there's this glowing bit. But they don't last, as soon as it's over, it's back to dull again. It makes me want to say something I never see myself saying, it's that this book really seem unpolished. The main characters of this book are actually very lovely people. They have many things in common. Reading them is like reading the same person but a different gender. It makes me think what's the possibilities of the same kind of person ending up together? Personally, I think it's an okay read 'cause sometimes I just like me some romance people dub unrealistic. A short and okay light read.
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline 4.5 starsA fantastic book that any guy or girl, from the 80s or not will be able to enjoy. It make my frustration hit its meter, cracks me up at times. Also make my heartbeat faster and my eyes trying hard to scan the words fast and not missing a word.I couldn't put it down after I pick it up before sleep. One of my many definitions of a good book is that when you would rather prey your eyes open (even if it means using toothpicks) than sleeping just to finish that book.It's a great book but there are some things that seemed to me like their existence were too good to be true. Like Og. He is a fun character and all that, but you see what I'm trying to say? Yes, it seems to me like their character are just there for the convenience of the main character. I'm not sure if I'm making sense.
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Sarra Manning My first Sarra Manning book and it was so bloody good. I was lying on my bed, thinking I would only read a few pages and get to bed, to end the boring night. But guess what? I stayed up. Finished this book. And powered up my laptop just to write about it! 'Cause I find it so good. There were a good number of sexy scenes, that doesn’t include sex – but somehow WAYYY hotter. Bloody hell. It’s like magic. I loved the characters. From the beginning of this book, I find my heart aching from excitement - to know how both of them will develop. I feel like I couldn’t finish it fast enough! It’s very engaging. All the pancakes talks are just too freaking sweeeeeet.One thing I didn’t like that much is that how Neve always go on and on about her body. But for that part, it does end with a good message. After reading this book I just want to curl up and smile to myself crazily. It left me so emotionally charged! Hehe. **I don’t know how to pronounce Neve, is it like Niff? And I just realise I don’t quite like the name Max too. Also don't think I caught his last name.Check out the unpublished scene of You Don't Have to Say You Love Mehttp://www.sarramanning.co.uk/index.php/2011/07/unpublished-scene-from-you-dont-have-to-say-you-love-me/
Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher You don't know what goes on in anyone's life but your own. And when you mess with one part of a person's life, you're not messing with just that part. Unfortunately, you can't be that precise and selective. When you mess with one part of a person's life, you're messing with their entire life.Everyone knows things don't just happen. Something leads to them. But I had really hard time reading this book, reading about Clay listening to Hannah's voice. I can feel Clay.But Hannah, I can't wrap my mind around her mindset. Not because I never felt suicidal before (I hope you don't find me saying that insensitive) but I'm just really mad she never once stood up for herself. Not for real. She just let things happen to her and blame people for not apologising or clear up the rumours and stuff like that. Yeah, she hinted she want that from people, but it doesn't do it for me.I didn't think this book ended fast enough. Its pace sucked for me. It seems to me that throughout the book it's just the author telling the readers, 'okay time to remind you about this snowball effect thing', or maybe reminding himself. This book didn't seem like to me that it has really hit it - like in the bull's eyes, when it comes to the whole why Hannah decides to send cassette tapes to people. All in all, I marched on reading just to see how Clay will end up. It wasn't a wonderful read. But it was okay.
If I Stay (If I Stay, #1) - Gayle Forman Broke my freaking damn heart. Review to come. Review:Originally posted on:Forts&TreehouseIf I Stay is about this girl who is having an out of body experience. Her body is in the ICU, but another part of her, outside the body, can wander around, know and see what's happening beyond those ICU automated doors. It's also up to her to will to live or choose to leave. Personally, I think this book is 5 star worthy. But one out of some reasons why it isn't for me is because I didn't find the writing captivating enough. It's also really short, and surprises me why I had to put it down so many times.I heard lots of good things about this book, also people talking about how much tear they cried while reading this. I can tell which part they cried on, but I didn't. It's like I almost did, after few times of repeating the same sentence. I'd read books, I teared the first time I read a particular sentence, unfolding the story word by word. This isn't one of them.I feel like I was just reading a story about a girl having flashback about her life before the accident and just getting to know her. It just felt like - it fucking sucks things like that happened to someone, but not feeling the way like it has happened on someone really close to us. I guess it's something I wanted and expected from a book like this one. But the book didn't really reach that extend for me.
One Day - David Nicholls I argued with myself, whether I should rate this book a 4 or a 5. I kept going back and forth, hovering the 5th, and going one star back. In the end, it felt more of a 4 for me than a 5. It's a great book. Definitely one of my 2013 highlights read. I watched the movie after reading the book. The movie is a good adaptation - it also make me realise why books are more precious. Why read before watching. It's the process of rooting for the characters. I rooted for both Emma and Dexter. In movies, it only took us two hours max to complete watching something, but in books, we had to spend more time and read the whole thing (We root for them, we get attached to them) - also finding little bits that weren't included in the movies. PRECIOUSSS.Emma and Dexter are just meant to be. Maybe they realise that, maybe they don't. But on every missed opportunities - for Dex and Em, Em and Dex - I find myself having heartaches, very bad ones.I guess why it turned out to be a 4 than a 5, mostly it had to do with what happened towards the end. I'd say David Nicholls took a turn to 'real'. Just too real. Like reality, too cruel at times. I yelled "It's a book for God's sake. WHY WON'T YOU LET THEM BE HAPPY?"All in all, I think this book really speak to me in certain ways. Like sometimes we don't realise what's really happening to us, because we are the ones living it.
Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick, #8) - Kristen Ashley Let me start with Kristen Ashley, the author of this book (Duh). She's the first self-published author book I've read (and because of her, I'd since read few more self-published authors). It just gives me this sense of pride knowing her, before her works got into printing and before her work make it into the New York Times Bestseller list. It's a honor to witness her works getting more and more recognition. So happy for her!Rock Chick RevolutionHo.Lee.Crap!This book is the last book of Rock Chick series and it's RIGHTEOUS. It's about Ally.She was one of the girls.But now she was also one of the guysAlly - a Rock Chick who lives a rock style life, doing what she wants when she wants and how she wants. A total badass together with her extremely hot Italian boyfriend (also badass), they are gonna make you melty! (to say the least)I loved how it's written. It goes back to the past, answering us questions that were okay if left unanswered (but so much better answered). Then to the future, still answering some questions that we'd from the book before. It's also damn nice to know 'who wrote the book' even before Ally herself. hehe.In this book, it's also put into words, how the Nightingale boys are very protective of their little sister.Quote sharing time.You'll never be a big brother, honey, so you'll never understand how this feels. Lettin' go. Givin' care of the girl you love and looked after a long fuckin' time to another guy. Seein' her make her way in a world like thatHe hurts you, I'll fuck him up.Hank Nightingale, you know him - they aren't just words.So many love in this book. Friends. Family. Siblings. That's also how the whole Rock Chick series is about too. Not just about their macho badass alpha male, but how they find their way to what they want, make a stand and find balance for everything and still remain a rock chick!Rock Chick Revolution, made my heartache (in a good way), cried and laughed aloud. And I'm so fucking excited about what's going to happen in LA with Mace and Stella.I.. really need more of Daisy and Marcus. Just a novella? PLEASE!
Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell Set over the course of one school year in 1986, this is the story of two star-crossed misfits—smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try. When Eleanor meets Park, you’ll remember your own first love—and just how hard it pulled you under.The description is so well written too.This book is so beautiful, heartbreaking and undeniably real. It reminds you the one you consider your first love - not the one you kissed when you were 12, not the one you won't give up your Nintendo over. Haha. A book that reminds you about the very first time you are really into someone, and for some of us - how we never really love another person the same again. I loved everything about it. It's realistic. Everything with her family, and her mum and Park.I wish we knew exactly - every words - on what Park's parents argued that Sunday. I also wish the readers knew the exact three words - just to have it written for us to read.
Unteachable - Leah Raeder This book shows that a male character doesn't have to act like 'an alpha' in order for female character to fall in love with them. Loved everything about this book.
Something like Normal - Trish Doller This book is an okay read.It begins with this guy called Travis. He just got back home from Afghanistan, and he is overridden with guilt of his friend's death. Now back at 'home', where it's no longer really 'home' for him, he has to deal with certain things average Joe deals with, and some not-average-at-all things.It's a quick read. Found this book at one of goodreads YA group recommendation list, I forgot what they said about this book. But personally, I think I only finished this book because it's not long. Losing close ones are very sad and heartbreaking, but this book didn't get to me. But I did enjoy reading Travis' voice, personality and thoughts.However, I find some of the 'mother' insults, kinda rude and immature. I mean yeah, they are still young and all, but I.. I don't know, maybe I expected them to be more mature for what they do and who they are. This book may not work for you if you are that kind that expect major plot twist, because there isn't any.
Dreamland - Sarah Dessen I cried reading this book. This is the 1st time I cried reading a book since I read The Book Thief.The emotion, it feels so raw it HURTS.Read this, but mind you, it might make you cry. "I was drowning in broad daylight and no one could tell."
Daddy's Gone A Hunting - Mary Higgins Clark This book was a good read. I don't usually think when I read a book, I just let the story unfold itself. But Daddy's Gone A Hunting had me thinking, did that person really do that? Or are things really not what they seemed? I'm satisfied with the ending, and how the book turn out. Though there is a thing that I didn't appreciate about this book, it's the timeline it's written in. One chapter it was now, the next chapter it was then, and another it's be between those two. But this is just me.
The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend - Kody Keplinger The Duff is a really awesome book. I finished it in one sitting! Fast paced book.There isn't a thing I could of, in this book that I didn't like. Except, I wish it was longer. I really loved the letter that came with roses! The letter sounded too 'romantic' to be Wesley BUT the p/s part shows what that hot son of a bitch really thinks. Loved his humour.
Lucky in Love - Jill Shalvis Every single book of the Lucky Harbor series just get better and better. My favourite badass is still Sawyer! But Lucky in Love is definitely the one with the best story so far!
Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy I almost rated this book two stars, fortunately, the ending saved the book for me. I really wanted to give both Fable and Drew slaps because one second Fable was mad at him, and right after the sex she was all loving to him again (Chapter 8). It just feels wrong .. and crazy. I understand punching someone is 'violent' but Owen punching Drew is just understandable and I didn't like reading that part where Fable said 'He deserves the pain (Owen's knuckles) for pulling a stunt like that'He warned you beforehand. Everyone should've seen it coming. Another thing is, it seems to me Fable and Drew lose their 'attitude' they had in first book (which I loved). Also, in the 1st book both of their voices and how they think is distinguishable. Not so much in the 2nd. But what I liked about this book iswell, the ending. It just left me smiling. It's like the grey clouds are finally leaving, and it's sunshine for both of them now. It also made me felt like, no matter how screwed up some of us are, we still deserve love. It is just that we might have to find our own different way to it.