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Till The Very Last PAge

Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy I almost rated this book two stars, fortunately, the ending saved the book for me. I really wanted to give both Fable and Drew slaps because one second Fable was mad at him, and right after the sex she was all loving to him again (Chapter 8). It just feels wrong .. and crazy. I understand punching someone is 'violent' but Owen punching Drew is just understandable and I didn't like reading that part where Fable said 'He deserves the pain (Owen's knuckles) for pulling a stunt like that'He warned you beforehand. Everyone should've seen it coming. Another thing is, it seems to me Fable and Drew lose their 'attitude' they had in first book (which I loved). Also, in the 1st book both of their voices and how they think is distinguishable. Not so much in the 2nd. But what I liked about this book iswell, the ending. It just left me smiling. It's like the grey clouds are finally leaving, and it's sunshine for both of them now. It also made me felt like, no matter how screwed up some of us are, we still deserve love. It is just that we might have to find our own different way to it.