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Till The Very Last PAge

Something like Normal - Trish Doller This book is an okay read.It begins with this guy called Travis. He just got back home from Afghanistan, and he is overridden with guilt of his friend's death. Now back at 'home', where it's no longer really 'home' for him, he has to deal with certain things average Joe deals with, and some not-average-at-all things.It's a quick read. Found this book at one of goodreads YA group recommendation list, I forgot what they said about this book. But personally, I think I only finished this book because it's not long. Losing close ones are very sad and heartbreaking, but this book didn't get to me. But I did enjoy reading Travis' voice, personality and thoughts.However, I find some of the 'mother' insults, kinda rude and immature. I mean yeah, they are still young and all, but I.. I don't know, maybe I expected them to be more mature for what they do and who they are. This book may not work for you if you are that kind that expect major plot twist, because there isn't any.