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Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick, #8) - Kristen Ashley Let me start with Kristen Ashley, the author of this book (Duh). She's the first self-published author book I've read (and because of her, I'd since read few more self-published authors). It just gives me this sense of pride knowing her, before her works got into printing and before her work make it into the New York Times Bestseller list. It's a honor to witness her works getting more and more recognition. So happy for her!Rock Chick RevolutionHo.Lee.Crap!This book is the last book of Rock Chick series and it's RIGHTEOUS. It's about Ally.She was one of the girls.But now she was also one of the guysAlly - a Rock Chick who lives a rock style life, doing what she wants when she wants and how she wants. A total badass together with her extremely hot Italian boyfriend (also badass), they are gonna make you melty! (to say the least)I loved how it's written. It goes back to the past, answering us questions that were okay if left unanswered (but so much better answered). Then to the future, still answering some questions that we'd from the book before. It's also damn nice to know 'who wrote the book' even before Ally herself. hehe.In this book, it's also put into words, how the Nightingale boys are very protective of their little sister.Quote sharing time.You'll never be a big brother, honey, so you'll never understand how this feels. Lettin' go. Givin' care of the girl you love and looked after a long fuckin' time to another guy. Seein' her make her way in a world like thatHe hurts you, I'll fuck him up.Hank Nightingale, you know him - they aren't just words.So many love in this book. Friends. Family. Siblings. That's also how the whole Rock Chick series is about too. Not just about their macho badass alpha male, but how they find their way to what they want, make a stand and find balance for everything and still remain a rock chick!Rock Chick Revolution, made my heartache (in a good way), cried and laughed aloud. And I'm so fucking excited about what's going to happen in LA with Mace and Stella.I.. really need more of Daisy and Marcus. Just a novella? PLEASE!