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If I Stay (If I Stay, #1) - Gayle Forman Broke my freaking damn heart. Review to come. Review:Originally posted on:Forts&TreehouseIf I Stay is about this girl who is having an out of body experience. Her body is in the ICU, but another part of her, outside the body, can wander around, know and see what's happening beyond those ICU automated doors. It's also up to her to will to live or choose to leave. Personally, I think this book is 5 star worthy. But one out of some reasons why it isn't for me is because I didn't find the writing captivating enough. It's also really short, and surprises me why I had to put it down so many times.I heard lots of good things about this book, also people talking about how much tear they cried while reading this. I can tell which part they cried on, but I didn't. It's like I almost did, after few times of repeating the same sentence. I'd read books, I teared the first time I read a particular sentence, unfolding the story word by word. This isn't one of them.I feel like I was just reading a story about a girl having flashback about her life before the accident and just getting to know her. It just felt like - it fucking sucks things like that happened to someone, but not feeling the way like it has happened on someone really close to us. I guess it's something I wanted and expected from a book like this one. But the book didn't really reach that extend for me.