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You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Sarra Manning My first Sarra Manning book and it was so bloody good. I was lying on my bed, thinking I would only read a few pages and get to bed, to end the boring night. But guess what? I stayed up. Finished this book. And powered up my laptop just to write about it! 'Cause I find it so good. There were a good number of sexy scenes, that doesn’t include sex – but somehow WAYYY hotter. Bloody hell. It’s like magic. I loved the characters. From the beginning of this book, I find my heart aching from excitement - to know how both of them will develop. I feel like I couldn’t finish it fast enough! It’s very engaging. All the pancakes talks are just too freaking sweeeeeet.One thing I didn’t like that much is that how Neve always go on and on about her body. But for that part, it does end with a good message. After reading this book I just want to curl up and smile to myself crazily. It left me so emotionally charged! Hehe. **I don’t know how to pronounce Neve, is it like Niff? And I just realise I don’t quite like the name Max too. Also don't think I caught his last name.Check out the unpublished scene of You Don't Have to Say You Love Mehttp://www.sarramanning.co.uk/index.php/2011/07/unpublished-scene-from-you-dont-have-to-say-you-love-me/