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Blindsided (Just a Couple Ex's) - S. Anders Received ARC via NetGalley.About the bookIt's a story about how two people are brought together because their other half happened to be cheating together behind their backs. They found out about the affair at the same time, together. And from that point, together, they tried to cope with the pain and betrayal caused by their spouse. My reviewThis book does have its own moments whereby the words aren't just words but words that can make me feel what the characters are feeling. They were good, but it's just a random bit of the book. It's like everything is dull, then suddenly there's this glowing bit. But they don't last, as soon as it's over, it's back to dull again. It makes me want to say something I never see myself saying, it's that this book really seem unpolished. The main characters of this book are actually very lovely people. They have many things in common. Reading them is like reading the same person but a different gender. It makes me think what's the possibilities of the same kind of person ending up together? Personally, I think it's an okay read 'cause sometimes I just like me some romance people dub unrealistic. A short and okay light read.