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Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma I really can't make out what I think of this book. Perhaps I'll after writing what I thought about this book. Let's begin with a quote. Personal thoughts'"So nothing is taboo anymore - you're saying there are no two people who, if they love each other enough, should be forced apart?""I guess not. Not here, anyway, thank God. We're lucky enough to live in a country which is prtty open-minded. As long as one person isn't forcing the other, then I guess any love is allowed"'Any love. Francie isn't stupid. Yet the one kind of love that will never be allowed hasn't even crossed her mind. The one love so disgusting and taboo, it isn't even included in a conversation about illicit relationships.Like Francie, if someone ever comes up to me and ask me this question, I'd answer them anyone can love anyone as long as neither party is forced into that relationship. Incest just don't come to mind. Yes, that's what the book is about if you don't know already. See, many people already backed off, closed the goodreads tab, off to find another book - any other 'forbidden' relationship. Just not this. Like God, oh no.Personally I say bullshit when people label teacher/student, elder man/much younger girls, elder woman/younger guys as 'forbidden'. I mean one day, it won't be anymore. One day people would stop giving a damn. But this story, our main character, Lochan and Maya's relationship would never ever be right in the eyes of the society, and of law. And unlike forbidden relationship like vampire and werewolves, this could actually happen. About the book & charactersThe Whitely household has five children. Lochan, Maya, Kit, Tiffin and Willa. Lochan and Maya are forced to be the grown up of the family, the root of it - because their mother is never home or home but drunk, rarely sober. They have to play the students at school and the stand-in parents at home for the younger siblings. To stop things from being more screwed up than they already are. Basically, it's two of them against the world.I'm really pissed off with the parents, their father ran away to build another family because their mother is a bad mother. He left them with her knowing that fact. !#$@#$@#@#$. Both of them know their relationship will eventually go downhill, why bore a house full of children? Motherfuckers. People lines got blurred reading this book, and I admit, it did that for me too. It make me question, should there be any line at all if two people are in love with each other. Are there only lines because that's what people of the world say and so that's what we are brought up to think? My heart really aches for Lochan and Maya. Tabitha Suzuma convinced me that they really in love. Not just hormones or mad. They have fights like lover but they make up like siblings. In what might be a screwed up way to put it, I think they are really meant to be - that there will be no one else for them.Did it change my view on this particular kind of relationship? No, it didn't. Lochan and Maya are more like an exception to me. It's really unfair that they are born siblings. The world put them together, same blood running through their vines. But the situation they grown up in, they were never just siblings but way beyond that. Partners, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on and all that. I felt all kinds of emotion when reading this book. Especially the parts with their mother. I turned white with rage and almost throw my kindle against the wall. The writing just really had the anger and every other emotions that comes with it, pouring out. I also liked how Tabitha Suzuma wrote each of the children take their situation without parents at home differently. It's realistic. How some children will be like Lochan and Maya, some will be rebellious like Kit, and others just want time with their parents but still young enough to not know what's really happening. There were times I grow frustrated at Lochan thoughts. I know he feels guilty as hell, but the paranoid thoughts.. And I didn't particularly like Maya until towards the other half of the book. I really admire her strength - she knowing that to say to make people feel alright again. I was prepared to rate this book a three. But then I cried, and any book that make me cry worth a 4. The reason for three stars because part of me thinks if this book isn't about incest, I might have already put it aside. But because of the theme of this book, I just had to know how it end. I also think the author liked to use big words or it might be just me and my lack of vocabulary. I actually searched up and down for the ending on goodreads. But I didn't come across one, thank God. Just let the story unfold, you might cry if you didn't know it beforehand. Ah yes, I should end this review saying something everyone else included in their reviews. People, it's a heartbreaking ending. You've been warned.